Restoring the Kingship of Christ in Great Britain

A message of Hope for the New year

Let me send you a message of hope for the coming year, because however long and dark the night, there always comes an hour when the day finally dawns. This new year will be partly what you make of it. Since this is the time for resolutions, let’s choose the ones within our reach, and let’s get back to what’s essential. First of all, let’s not put our hopes in elections or in providential men or women; the only Saviour is Jesus Christ. Let’s give more time to our religious practice, which is the key to earning graces and finding inner peace. Secondly, let’s give more time and love to the people who are dear to us: a fiancé to his fiancée, a husband to his wife, parents to their children, grandchildren to their grandparents. Building and preserving a family must be a priority. The family clan remains the basic unit of society that has proved its worth. Thirdly, let’s also be part of society; let’s reject individualism, selfishness and materialism. Let’s commit ourselves to the common good and to our country, our homeland, the land of our ancestors. Keeping these three resolutions will bring us balance, strength, courage and perseverance. Here are a few concrete examples that are a source of hope: In Spain, in Madrid, since the beginning of November, every evening, regardless of the rain, the wind, the cold, or even the intimidation of the police at the orders of the red government, Catholics of all ages have come in large numbers to pray the Rosary publicly for their country. For two months now, they have been offering this example every evening, and the police have been unable to dissuade them from returning the following day. Another fine example is the Men’s Rosary, which is spreading to several countries, particularly in Eastern Europe and Latin America. In February 2023 in Brazil, 70,000 people responded to the call of the Men’s Rosary movement. Another interesting development is the farmers’ mobilisation that has spread to several European countries in recent weeks. We must defend real farmers at all costs. There can be no country without farmers. In France, we should also salute the emergence of numerous local Catholic associations, which demonstrate that despite the policy of dissolution so dear to Darmanin (Gérald Moussa Darmanin, Interior Minister, France), nothing can eradicate the counter-revolutionary spirit. Finally, it is oh-so-enthusiastic to observe that the health tyranny, followed by other anxiety-provoking announcements, fuelled by the system’s media owned by an oligarchy of globalist billionaires, have paradoxically given rise to a broad unprecedented awareness, and that the proportion of dissidents continues to grow. You can see how, although the evil is very present, let’s be clear, there are also reasons for hope. Don’t despair. Raise your head. Be both prayerful and valiant and God will reward you. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll see you in 15 days’ time for the big recruitment campaign for Civitas International. Together, with God’s help, we’ll be able to do great things. I wish you and your families a Holy and Happy New Year, in faith and dissent. Strength and honour in the service of Christ the King!