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Alain Escada, President of Civitas International, on the situation in Gaza

I think that there is an element which is very important to raise in relation to the official truth which is unequivocal in the system’s media; I’d like to suggest that your viewers look at an article from the Israeli press that appeared on 19 May 2023 in the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

So, this is an article that you can easily find, it’s on the Israeli website in Hebrew, it’s a newspaper in Hebrew, but with the translation systems of Google etc. you can instantly find a translation. The article is entitled, listen carefully, “The entire political system supports the same strategy: maintaining the secret alliance with Hamas”. And who signed this article? Haïm Ramon, who was Minister of Justice in 2006 and then Deputy Prime Minister of Israel until 2009. And there are some passages that really need to be read, obviously I’m not going to take too much time in this programme to read this, but it’s still symptomatic when it comes from a former member of the government, a former deputy prime minister.

He explains: all Israeli governments since 2009 have had a unified and clear strategy for the Gaza Strip. This strategy was shared by three prime ministers (Benjamin Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid), six defence ministers and a host of coalition party leaders…In short, the entire political system from moderates to religious Zionism support the same strategy, a truly broad consensus.

And what is this 14-year-old strategy that the commentators have eluded? Well, since his return to power in 2009, Netanyahu has forged a tacit alliance with Hamas. This alliance has a single objective: to maintain the split between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority and to maintain the political status quo. The great nightmare of the Israeli right is that Hamas collapses and that the Palestinian Authority regains control of the Gaza Strip.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said it well in 2015 in an interview in the Knesset: “The Palestinian Authority is a burden, Hamas is an asset”. If anyone has any doubts, I would also like to quote the words of Major General Gershon Hacohen, a prominent right-wing politician and close associate of the Prime Minister. This is the general speaking: “the truth must be told, Netanyahu’s strategy is to prevent the two-state option, and that is why he has made Hamas his closest partner. In public Hamas is an enemy, in secret Hamas is an ally “. So, there you have it, a really clear explanation of the process, and the whole article is really worth reading, everything is referenced, everything is well quoted to understand that today, in fact, public opinion is being duped.

In fact, everyone is a victim, all people of good will are victims: the Jews who suffered the Hamas bombings are victims and the civilian populations of Palestine who are currently the target of a war operation which aims, in fact, to eradicate them, are of course victims.

And so, in fact, it is clear that the Israeli policy that has been pursued is simply a replica of Pearl Harbor. Netanyahu and the Israeli government were quite simply prepared to sacrifice part of their civilian population in order to justify going to war to crush not Hamas but the Palestinians. And this is not the first time that Netanyahu has played with the lives of his own Israeli citizens. It was obvious when we all lived through the covid episode and Netanyahu made Israel one of the first places to experiment with anti-covid vaccine injections. So, I think we really need to bear all this in mind because otherwise we don’t understand what’s going on. It’s not as simple as the mainstream media would have us believe, there are a lot of elements behind the scenes that should make us understand the Machiavellianism of those who hold the power.

And if we also want to understand Joe Biden’s rush to support Netanyahu, we could draw an analogy with a moment in the history of the United States. Isn’t what the Palestinians are going through very similar to what the North American Indians went through in the past?

You see, I think that history regularly offers analogies that should help the average person caught in the crossfire of various propaganda campaigns to understand the reality of what is happening. In the United States, with the North American Indians, we saw clearly how a dominant occupation succeeded in eradicating a population, and in fact deprived people, who were the indigenous inhabitants of the North American continent, of their rights, their territory… depriving them of their means of sustenance, subjecting them to disease, concentrating them in reserves and gradually driving them to the point of virtual extinction, to the point where the memory of North American Indians today is maintained simply by a handful of their families who are no more than a shadow of what the American Indians once were.

I draw this parallel with the Palestinians and I’d like to draw another parallel with the French, of course, because when I hear Éric Zemmour, Damien Rieux, etc., telling us that the French must take up the cause of Israel… Well, it seems to me that this is really a manipulation. But it’s also a lack of political sense; there’s nothing extraordinary in Eric Zemmour making this speech, it’s even consistent with what he’s always said in his writings and it’s therefore logical. He has always said that for him the fate of France and the fate of Israel were intimately linked and that the salvation of one goes hand in hand with the salvation of the other.

It’s much less coherent coming from people who were once leaders of identity movements like Damien Rieux because, in fact, if you claim, and rightly so, that the French are victims of a great replacement and that we must therefore fight to ensure that the French retain power at home, you have to be coherent and consider that this must also prevail in other nations and, in this case, in the territory of Gaza. It is indeed Palestinians who have been the victims of a replacement since 1948. We have been witnessing a phenomenon of major replacement of Palestinians and, by the way, I would also say to those French Christians who say: “oh, it’s none of our business, why bother”, that the Palestinians are not just Muslims either, there are Christian Palestinians too, and we have seen images, for those who have taken an interest in the subject, of churches bombed by the Israeli army and Christian families buried in rubble.

So, once again, we need to be honest enough to look at all the elements and compare them with the elements that are important to us. If we’re dealing with patriotic French people who want to oppose the great replacement at home, then they have to be consistent and admit that they also have to oppose the great replacement in other territories. And if we’re dealing with Christians who want to fight for the survival of Christians in the East, that also includes the survival of Palestinian Christians, who are no more spared than Muslims at the moment.

And if all these factors were taken into account, I think we would have a much more balanced, much more objective debate, which should naturally lead to a desire to unite people of goodwill.

The issue is not to unite Christians and Muslims or Jews and Christians, the issue is to unite all people of goodwill today, and there are still many of them, and they are everywhere. We saw a large demonstration in Israel of 500,000 Jews calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and asking Netanyahu to stop his offensive. And in Washington we saw 10,000 Jews demonstrating inside and in front of the Capitol to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, and so this is, I emphasize, to show that we must not be simplistic, there are people of goodwill everywhere. Today we must unite these people of goodwill if we want there to be, as there must be, a land for everyone, and we must fight for peace and not to go further into a war that will only drag down all our nations.

I think that if we continue to hear bellicose speeches intended to legitimize the murderous offensive of the Israeli army, then sooner or later we will manage to drag France into this conflict, like many other nations, and we must immediately call on all those of goodwill to say: Stop.


Edited and translated from the original source in French: