Restoring the Kingship of Christ in Great Britain

Alain Escada wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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Alain Escada wishes you a Merry Christmas!

in MPI-TV / Politics – by MPI-TV – 24 December 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me send you a message as Christmas approaches. I do mean Christmas, a word that is becoming taboo in these increasingly anti-Christian times. Thus, the management of Air France and the car manufacturer Audi in France have forbidden their staff to say “Merry Christmas”, no less… Should we be surprised?

The French Republic – not to be confused with France – has taken an anti-Christian and anti-French turn. It’s hard not to recall Darmanin’s obsession with dissolving anything that departs from the globalist, Masonic republican doxa (Gérald Moussa Darmanin, minister of the Interior). In October he announced the dissolution of the Catholic party Civitas, and a few months later he promised to dissolve Academia Christiana (a Catholic training Institute). He bans symposia, conferences and demonstrations – more than 50 demonstrations for Thomas have been banned. You’d better want to honour Traoré or Nael to have the right to demonstrate in the French masonic republic.

I say Masonic republic because this description is now official, as demonstrated by the speech given by Emmanuel Macron to mark the 250th anniversary of the Grand Orient de France (oldest and largest Freemasonic organization based in France). Emmanuel Macron also went a step further by hosting a Jewish religious celebration of Hanukkah at the Élysée Palace, while this republic is telling us that, in the name of secularism, festive nativity displays and Christmas cribs must be banned from public spaces and that statues of the Virgin Mary and Saint Michael or Saint Louis must be removed.

In this ostensibly anti-Christian climate, Macron is pushing provocation to the point of insinuating the need to have the stained-glass windows of Viollet-le-Duc in the Paris Cathedral replaced. What the fire at Notre Dame did not destroy, Macron himself is trying to do. All of this is no coincidence; put the elements together, this outburst of anti-Christian and anti-French hatred is quite simply a resurgence of the spirit of the Terror that directly followed the Revolution of 1789. But it’s precisely this that should bring us back to the true spirit of Christmas, the spirit whose Nativity, whose birth, we are about to celebrate. Jesus Christ our Saviour himself suffered persecution. He taught us: “Remember the word that I said to you, the servant is not greater than his Master; if they persecuted me, they will persecute you”.

I’d like to wish you all a Holy and Merry Christmas. Move away from consumerism and materialism and turn humbly towards the child Jesus in the cot. Think of the needy, the sick, the elderly, the lonely, think of political prisoners, patriots and Christians, and think of all the Christians who are physically persecuted throughout the world in the East, in sub-Saharan Africa, in Asia, particularly in India and China, and even in Latin America, and I’m thinking in particular today of the Christians in Palestine and southern Lebanon, as well as those in Nagorno-Karabakh.

This Christmas brings Christians of all nations together in joy and hope in Jesus the Saviour.

And of course, because national preference is a natural feeling, let us think of all our compatriots who are suffering and let us pray to the child Jesus to watch over our nation.

Among the small reasons for hope, I would like to quickly add that Civitas International will launch a major membership campaign and a new multilingual website in January 2024. Wherever you are, you will soon be able to join in a large Catholic and anti-globalist movement. Join the ranks of Civitas International and participate in the emergence of a vast movement in the service of Christ the King.

Christus Vincit!

A Holy and Merry Christmas to all!