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Letter of support to Jim CAVIEZEL from the Civitas

Civitas’s President Alain Escada wrote a Letter  to Jim CAVIEZEL for his film “Sound of Freedom” on child trafficking and the infamous sexual slavery of innocent souls in the service of child criminal networks.



Subject : Support from CIVITAS France for your action

Paris, July 27th 2023


We were immensely pleased to learn that since July 4th, the date of its release in the United States, the movie “Sound of Freedom” has been a fantastic success in your country. From the first day on, it has even dethroned the fifth opus of Indiana Jones, and has already brought in one hundred million dollars, all the while the French media remain deafeningly silent.

It is a great satisfaction to note that beyond the financial gain, the film is in itself an exceptional event due to its very sensitive subject never dealt with until now. French Catholics in particular were very impressed by the fact that it recounts the fight of American Special Agent Tim Ballard against child trafficking and the despicable sexual slavery of innocent souls, all in the service of pedophile networks involving even the highest State officials.

We admire the fact that you took on the main and highly demanding role of this singular and moving production, embodying, at his request, the character of Mr. Ballard. We also regret that this film is not distributed in France for the moment, depriving us of participating with your fellow citizens’ enthusiasm.

France has known about you since the release in 2004 of Mr. Mel Gibson’s remarkable masterpiece, “The Passion of the Christ”. We then had the pleasure of seeing you again in several film and television productions, including “Paul, Apostle of Christ” and soon yet again in the new opus of Mr. Gibson “The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection”.

But what is all the more extraordinary is that we, French Catholics, have discovered in recent months your commitment as a believer, during several uplifting public appearances. In front of an audience of American students in 2018, you urged them to “act to become saints.” More recently, and in the context of the release of the film “Sound of Freedom”, you found the courage, not to say the heroism, to denounce the corruption that reigns among celebrities, the control of film studios by central banks and the deep state’s involvement in child sex trafficking with the complicity of the mainstream media.

No need to say that it does not take much more, today, for you to be branded by the System as belonging to the infamous and vilified category of “conspiracy theorists”. Your professional career may be at stake, and more seriously, even your life is being threatened.

For all these reasons, CIVITAS (, the only French political party working to promote and defend the national and Christian identity of France, inspired by the political and social doctrine of the Church, defending the patriotic, moral and civilizational values which are essential to national renewalfamily and children, give you our very solemn support today.

We, President, militants and activists of CIVITAS, declare to you all our admiration for the bravery with which you proclaim the truth and demand justice, giving a great example to the world of the struggle that every Christian must wage here on Earth in his capacity as ‘Miles Christi’, having understood, as the famous maxim of Saint Pope Pius X affirms that: “The chief strength of the wicked is the cowardice and weakness of the good.”

We entrust you, dear Mr. Caviezel, to Holy Providence and to our prayers, and assure you of our most faithful greetings.

Alain ESCADA, President of CIVITes