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Civitas In-Depth Interview- Archbishop Viganò on “the Fight Against the New World Order and the Role of the Church”

Original French interview published by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in Civitas media , the English version is translated by Mr Marco Tosatti(


Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

respond to MediaPressInfo

on the request for dissolution of “CIVITAS”

by Mr. Gérald Darmanin, French Minister of the Interior

Paul DEROGIS: Excellency, during his recent appearance on the French programme  ‘Géopolitique Profonde’, when asked about his “Roman” contacts, the president of Civitas, Alain Escada, replied that Bishop Viganò was the only Roman prelate today, apart from those ordained without Roman consent, to fight the New World Order and to support Civitas which also fights against globalism. Do you actually consider yourself an exception among the Roman prelates? And if so, how do you explain this worrying situation?

I do not claim to consider myself the only Prelate to have denounced the subversive globalist plan: other Bishops (very few, in fact) have expressed concern about woke ideology, gender theory and green environmentalism. But what I haven’t heard them denounce is Bergoglio’s complicity with the New World Order, which reached new heights of enslavement to Big Pharma during the pandemic farce, and at the World Economic Forum with the climate fraud. I think, however, that in their hearts, some of my colleagues are beginning to open their eyes to a crisis that certainly did not begin in 2013.

The element that, in my opinion, must be understood – for the denunciation to be complete – is the mirror relationship between the coup d’état of the Deep State in the civil sphere and that analogous equivalent of the Deep Church in the ecclesiastical sphere. The modus operandi of subversive actions is identical, as are the principles that animate them and the objectives they set for themselves. It is essential to understand that the Second Vatican Council and the Novus Ordo were to the Church what the Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights were to civil societies, because at the base of both of them broods the poisonous seed of the Revolution, that is to say the subversion of the natural order that God established for man and for human societies.

Paul DEROGIS: Do you believe, like the president of Civitas, that globalism is essentially satanic?

The essence of globalism is satanic, and the essence of Satanism is globalist. Because Satan’s plan is to establish the reign of the Antichrist, allowing him to parody Christ’s earthly life, to imitate His miracles with grotesque wonders, to lead crowds not with the simplicity of Truth but with deception and lies. Globalism is, so to speak, the staging, the script and the scenario that must prepare humanity for the political ascent of the Antichrist, to whom the leaders of the world – his servants – will cede national sovereignty so that he becomes a kind of global tyrant.

But the kingdom of the Antichrist is not created out of nothing: it is first necessary to erase what remains of the kingdom of Christ in the institutions, in the culture and in the daily life of the citizens. Moral dissolution is one of the simplest means of subjugating the masses, encouraging them to vice, ridiculing virtue; and, of course, by destroying the natural family, the fundamental cell of society. Once the family is demolished, the children become commodities, products that those with money can order over the Internet, fuelling the vast and growing criminal network, not to mention the surrogacy industry. Divorce, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and pan- sexualism, mutilation for gender transition have proven to be effective tools for eliminating not only the revealed Faith, but also the most sacred principles of Natural Law.

And it is indeed a religion, the one that is being established with the Woke ideology; a religion which, like the true Religion but with diametrically opposed goals, intends to impose itself in society, to imbue its dogmas into the institutions, the laws, the education, the culture, the arts and human activities. The globalists apply the Catholic principles of “social kingship,” but proclaim Satan king of society: Te nationum præsides honore tollant publico: colant magistri, judices; leges et artes exprimantMay the rulers of the world publicly honour and extol Thee; May teachers and judges reverence Thee; May the laws and the arts bear Thy mark.  These are the words of the hymn of Christ the King, but we see them applied blasphemously by the priests of the New World Order to their king, the prince of this world, and to the Antichrist in his time.

Beware though: globalism, as an emanation of Masonic and revolutionary thought, apparently proclaims democracy and condemns absolute regimes; but in fact, it knows very well that the Monarchy of Divine Right is the best possible form of government, because it subjugates everyone – including the king himself. who is the Vicar of Christ in temporal things – to a transcendent law to which everyone owes obedience.

The censorship of information not aligned with the official narrative, carried out with the complicity of social platforms and the media, is the same censorship that nineteenth-century liberals condemned on their clandestine leaflets; but it was then applied to prevent the spread of philosophical errors and doctrines contrary to the true Catholic religion. And it is no coincidence that democratic fiction resorts to means of violent repression of popular demonstrations which, in a free democracy, should lead to barricades and international execration and contempt – I am thinking, among other examples, of Macron, a student of the Young Leaders for Tomorrow of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. It is not enough to call a dictatorship a “democracy” for it to magically become so, especially when citizens’ consent to those who interpret their mindset and expectations poses a threat to the survival of these subversive parasites.

If Civitas had a hundred members and had a generic program like the “conservative” parties of the system, it would not worry anyone; if they are attacking it and are trying to dissolve this political movement, it is because they know that not being manoeuvrable with money or blackmail, if it were ever to win seats, its elected representatives would become uncontrollable. The paradox appears obvious when we see them accusing a French Catholic party of extremism and at the same time sending arms and aid to the Zelensky regime supported by neo-Nazi groups that practice ethnic cleansing against their Russian-speaking citizens, persecute ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church (and also of the Eastern Rite Catholic Church,  on the Hungarian side), display swastikas and Hitlerian symbols, praise the criminal Bandera and celebrate the extermination of the Jews for which he was responsible in Ukraine.

I repeat: if democracy worked, they would not let citizens play with the farce of elections and the illusion of being represented in Parliament. If they allow it, it is because the Masonic oligarchy knows that it can control it through its emissaries, placed everywhere. On the other hand, the Antichrist will be king, not president; he will exercise power in an absolute, totalitarian, dictatorial way. And those who believe in the fable of democracy will discover too late that they have been deceived.

Paul DEROGIS: The Minister of the Interior is trying to dissolve Civitas, the only Catholic party present in France. This dissolution is far from being achieved and Civitas has announced that it is preparing for all possible legal remedies if the threat is carried out. What message would you send to Civitas, its leaders, members and supporters in addition to your beautiful statement on X (ex-Twitter) that our readers have read [Mgr. Viganò hits back at the rector of Notre-Dame de Paris about Civitas]?

Remember the words of Our Lord: If the world hates you, know that He first hated me. If you were of the world, the world would love what belonged to it in its own right. But because you are not of the world, and I have chosen you from the middle of the world, because of this, the world hates you. (Jn 15:18-19). And a little further: If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you (Jn 15:20).

I ask you, therefore: would you rather be approved and encouraged by the Minister of the Interior, of a nation which prides itself on being founded on the blood of the legitimate Sovereigns of France? Which denies the Faith revealed by Christ and tramples on His law? Which imposes the public worship of atheism, impiety and perversion? The media war they are waging against Civitas is a medal to be proud of, in times of mediocrity and vile sycophancy. Catholics are not enemies of the state or civil authority. If those who govern consider them as such, it is because they use institutions (temporal and spiritual) and authority for their own ends, and not for the common good: it is this global coup that is the real threat to be confronted.

Think of the Vendéens, persecuted for the same reasons, for the same hatred that Satan cannot conceal under the self-righteous formalisms of republican bureaucracy. And it is not from the Republic, nor from the people who support you, but from God that you must ask for help, from Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Universal King, supreme moderator of the destiny of the world, Lord of history and time.  If, as Catholics, you believe that all power comes from God (Rom 13:1), you must also be convinced that His Lordship is true, efficacious, effective and real! And this Lordship, which Civitas wants to spread and propagate so that Christ may reign again over the French, belongs to Almighty God, who can inflame the hearts with His Charity and enlighten minds with Faith, reconverting France, Europe and the world.

If you place your hopes in your media action, or in the strategy to adopt before the courts, you will descend into a field where the opponent most certainly has the upper hand and will probably be the winner; if, on the other hand, you know how to be, by the coherence of your daily life, Catholics worthy of militating under the banner of Christ the King, your victory is certain, because Christ has already conquered the world, and it is not these corrupt politicians who fight you, these characters without any morals, without courage, without honour, who will prevent the defeat of the Enemy.

Paul DEROGIS: A former Minister of National Education wrote a few years ago that the Republic had to complete the French Revolution and that it was necessary to invent a republican religion which is secularism. In fact, we are witnessing in France a vast intensive operation of dechristianization, facilitated moreover by the complacency of a certain clergy, such as the rector of Notre-Dame de Paris who, on a television set, approved the idea of dissolving Civitas. What can we say to those many Catholics, but also to those on a spiritual quest, who are wondering what to do?

This former minister is absolutely right. The Revolution presents itself as the antinomy of the Christian social order: it appropriates power and authority to subvert it for its ends, being perverted in its principles, but it does not question the fact that a government, in order to pursue its objectives, must be led by a single person or by a very small elite. What the Revolution does not accept is that it is the good guys who wield power by promoting peace, stability and prosperity. As I said earlier, the Revolution shares the vision of an antithesis between Good and Evil, but rejects Good and promotes Evil, blasphemes Christ and celebrates Satan, mocks holiness and virtues, while encouraging selfishness and vice. The Revolution does not want the abolition of absolute power: it simply wants to be in control; it does not want the abolition of temporal power: it demands that it bend to the New Order, denying the Ordo Christianus, but maintaining its influence on the social body. The Revolution does not want to abolish religion: it wants it to be the religion of Satan and no longer the Religion of Christ, but it continues to impose truths to believe, rites to celebrate, penances to suffer, martyrs to invoke.

It is a very serious mistake to believe that secularism is a choice of neutrality of the State: its very imposition rests on a theological presupposition that decrees ex cathedra the indifference of civil authority vis-à-vis the Law of God and the Lordship of Christ – Lordship that is quite real and from which no one has the right to evade. This is not a choice of neutrality, but a declaration of war based on a worldview that does not accept to serve Christ, but to serve Satan. The ceremonies held at the inauguration of the Gotthard Tunnel, the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games and those of the Commonwealth last year, with goats and esoteric symbols, are the antinomy of processions, votive temples, acts by which the Civil Authorities of Catholic nations publicly recognized the Social Kingdom of Christ. Climate psychosis is also a public cult, totally unfounded scientifically, but which imposes itself on the masses as an indisputable truth that religiously, and therefore morally, legitimizes the physical elimination of people, considered guilty of emitting carbon dioxide and therefore deserving of very severe punishments and extinction.

Yesterday, in the name of Good and Truth, human sacrifices and pagan rites were forbidden. Today, in the name of the “good of the community”, an experimental gene serum has been imposed that has mown down millions of victims, and in the name of Woke ideology, the bodies of minors are mutilated to make them look like something they are not and never will be, and those who oppose them are criminalized, ostracized, singled out as public enemies. The excommunicated vitandi of the past, against whom anticlerical rhetoric has torn its clothes, are now being reproposed to us not in the shoes of an Alfred Loisy, but in those of a no-vaxer or those who question suicidal green policies. The good are persecuted, the bad are rewarded. This is Satan’s dystopian kingdom: it can only be the opposite of Christ’s social Kingdom.

Paul DEROGIS: Do you see anywhere other than France the same hostility of the political world and the mainstream media towards Catholicism?

The main hostility to Catholicism can be seen above all in the representatives of the Bergoglian Church, this counterfeit church that “eclipses” the true Church of Christ. For seventy years, the conciliar church has continued its work of demolishing the Catholic Church: it falsifies its doctrine, subverts its morality, corrupts the liturgy, erases spirituality, castrates its apostolic zeal and paralyzes its social action. The Church of Vatican II, so eager to define itself as the antithesis of the “pre-conciliar Church,” laid the theological foundations for the dissolution of society. All the doctrinal errors of the Council were translated into philosophical, political and social errors with disastrous results for Catholic nations. The removal of the dogma of the Social Kingdom of Our Lord from the conciliar horizon found concrete application – with the support of progressive parties of Christian inspiration, such as Christian Democracy in Italy – in the annulment of the State Religion and in the secularization of society, whose laws were no longer to express the Catholic Faith but to meet the requirements of a multicultural and multireligious society. Dignitatis Humanae has indeed decreed the suicide of the Church, since by this Decree, the Council abdicated the exclusive – I repeat: exclusive – saving role that Christ entrusted uniquely to the Catholic Church.

Why should we believe bishops or a pope who tell us that their religion is not preferable to others, in which we can save ourselves anyway, provided there is something from which we must save ourselves? You will notice that the parallel with civil institutions is still present: even the state, demolishing the concept of authority and discrediting it with corrupt officials, has renounced its sovereignty and surrendered to supranational powers. To hope that these corrupt officials – with or without mitres – can solve the problem of which they are the authors and cooperators is simply absurd. A radical purification of authority is necessary, with a return to Christ, recognized as the sole holder of the power of government, in the civil sphere through Kings and in the ecclesiastical sphere through the Pope, both being His vicarsand bound in the exercise of power to the will of Christ, who holds this power by right.

To those who delude themselves into believing that they can destroy the Catholic Church, I suggest that we consider the end of the great heresiarchs and persecutors of the Christians: the grave, the putrefaction, the oblivion. Julian the Apostate died, like all enemies of Christ. And the Church has always survived, because she is the Mystical Body of which Christ is the divine Head. Non prævalebunt is not a wish, a hope, a pious illusion: it is the promise of the eternal Word of the Father, and nothing can change one iota what the Lord has decided.

Paul DEROGIS: Do you have any advice to deliver to priests of good will, wishing to be faithful to Catholic doctrine and disappointed by the attitude of their authorities?

The authority of the Sacred Fathers comes from Christ, the sole holder of Power (potestas) in the Church. The Pope and the Bishops exercise this authority as Vicar: it is Christ who entrusts it to them, so that they can exercise it for the purposes for which He intended it. As soon as a pope uses his authority to impose something repugnant to the authority of Christ, it becomes illegitimate because it cuts the umbilical cord with God. Obeying this authority, just because it maintains the appearance of sacred authority, is not obedience but culpable servility.

And so that this very delicate subject does not appear too rooted in theory, I would like to call to the bar not only divine Truth, but also Charity, both essential attributes of God. A member of the faithful or a priest who obeys ecclesiastical or civil superiors out of servility, conscious of performing a doubtful or intrinsically evil action, also performs an act against Charity, because he is silent in the face of a guilty action and thus ratifies it by his cowardice and deprives the one who gives this evil order from amending himself and understanding the gravity of what he is doing. One does not love one’s Superiors by following their orders unconditionally and without exercising sound critical judgment, but by being at their side like a son who assists his father, covers his shame, without ratifying his errors and sins. Authority does not exist without a person who covers it: Christ in the glorious eternity of Heaven, the Pope His Vicar in the Church, the Sovereigns His Vicars in temporal governments. If obeying the Pope goes against obedience to Christ, it means that the Pope has gone off the path that Our Lord has established precisely so that his authority is not absolute, but the humble and faithful expression of the divine authority of the One who conquered humanity on the Cross.

I invite these priests to consider how, in the past, their confreres have behaved in similar situations. Think of the persecutions in Lutheran Germany, in the England of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, where to wear the cassock or possess a missal was enough to be tortured and quartered. Think of Spain in the hands of the Communists and Mexico dominated by Freemasonry, where priests, men and women religious were hanged or shot for not wanting to deny God. Finally, let them think of the bishops and priests who, sixty years ago, resisted the conciliar revolution and continued to celebrate the Apostolic Mass, and for this reason were expelled from dioceses, parishes and monasteries by those who, in the meantime, claimed to want to promote dialogue with the world. The history of the Church is strewn with heroic examples of Saints and Confessors of the Faith, who never yielded to pressure, blackmail or threats from those who wanted to change the teachings of Christ. Let them think of the multitudes of Christians who faced martyrdom in the first centuries, because in a pagan and ecumenical world, the only persecuted faith was the only true Faith in Christ. I cannot conceive of the nonchalance with which the supporters of the horrible liturgical reform were able to erase from the public prayer of the clerics the recitation of the Canonical Hour of Prime, in which the daily memory of these heroic deaths in the Martyrology impelled the priests to a very different life!

And let them also think of those who, out of fear or in order not to lose their place, have vilely chosen for themselves the path of compromise, of accepting errors and of denouncing their colleagues. They will answer for their actions before God, not before the powerful of this earth.

And if the Lord wants to privilege you – as he always does with those whom he wants to grow on the path of perfection – with trials and persecutions, know that he will help you to carry your cross, filling you with his graces and giving you the strength to face all suffering, discrimination and difficulties. And if it is loneliness that frightens or demoralizes you, know that, like you, many other priests and religious are in similar situations, and that by uniting and discussing things with one another, you could encourage and help each other. That’s why I have founded Exsurge Domine.

Before us today, a royal path to holiness is opening up, a path of the end times that requires acts of heroism and courage, moved by unconditional love for the Lord and concern for the souls whom he has redeemed and whom other most unworthy pastors not only give up, but push into the abyss of eternal damnation, encouraging vices and heresies.

I ask them, with the words of the Lord: And you — would you also like to leave?” (Jn 6:67)

Paul DEROGIS: Our readers – tens of thousands a day from five continents – follow you with great interest and salute your courage and determination. Can you give us the addresses of your sites and social networks on which they can read you directly?

As I said above, the Exsurge Domine Association that I founded two months ago aims at spiritual and material assistance to priests, men and women religious persecuted today by the Bergoglian sect because of their fidelity to Christ.

Those who, in 1534, demanded that the clergy adhere by oath to Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy, or those who in 1790 imposed the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, are not very different in their principles and objectives from those who today – with the aggravating circumstance of being representatives of the Catholic Hierarchy– claim substantially the same thing in the name of Vatican II or the Synod on Synodality. Was it not the National Assembly that imposed the election of bishops and parish priests, which is today advocated as a democratic conquest? And what is different about Bergoglio’s behaviour from that of Henry VIII, when he claims to legislate as head of the “conciliar and synodal church” with acts of government aimed at separating the ecclesial body from the Church of Christ,

Those who want to help these persecuted priests and religious can do so in several ways, first of all through prayer and almsgiving: on the site, it is possible to send donations, or to have Holy Masses celebrated by earmarking the offerings to priests deprived of their livelihood. It is also possible to contact us to receive advice, spiritual help or an indication to guide one’s vocation. On the site there is also a section where you can follow the progress of the works of the first important project of Exsurge Domine, which consists of the construction of a monastery to be attributed to the Benedictine community of Pienza. The commitments are numerous and very expensive, but we hope that Saint Joseph, treasurer of Providence, will want to inspire the faithful to help us.

I appeal to all good priests: we need you! We need good and courageous priests who organize celebrations for groups of faithful deprived of the traditional Mass by Traditionis Custodes or who have been disgusted by the aberrations and sacrileges of the novus ordo masses. Many homes are merely waiting for a priest to gather around in domestic chapels. There is an urgent need for priests to ensure the spiritual care and administration of the sacraments for female religious communities – I am thinking in particular of the Carmelites of Arlington, Texas, who are under unprecedented attack by the Ordinary and the Dicastery for Religious under the orders of Bergoglio. We must join forces, with humility and firmness, so that there remains a pusillus grex that can rebuild what has been destroyed. Our children will be grateful to us, as were the children of those who were able to resist arianism, iconoclasm and all the heresies and persecutions of the past.

And let us be clear: we do not have the presumption of constituting a parallel church of Cathars, of “the pure”, but we want to give an answer for the time that will be necessary in a situation of emergency and crisis. No one wants to usurp the authority of legitimate Fathers: let us rather organize ourselves to resist heretical and apostate pastors, disobedient to Our Lord and who rebel against His divine teaching. It is they, and not the good Catholics, who place themselves outside the Church of Christ and it is precisely for this reason that their authority is reduced to nothing.

Let us pray that we may be worthy of this task and that we may know the day when the Holy Church will be cleansed of the boars that devastate her (Ps 79:14). God of hosts, turn and look from heaven, see and visit this vineyard (ibid., 15).

Given to MediaPressInfo on August 22, 2023 on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary