Restoring the Kingship of Christ in Great Britain


We live in an era marked by rapid transformation and shifting values. Since its foundation in France (1999) Civitas has stood resolute as a guardian of the timeless principles that define Christian civilisation. Our movement’s mission is to rekindle the spirit of sovereignty and to reassert the Christian identity of our society. 

Drawing profound inspiration from the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, the unwavering guidance of the natural law, and the unyielding values of patriotism, morality, and civilisation, the Civitas movement is a beacon of hope for those yearning for the resurgence of our nation’s soul. 

Civitas passionately advocates for the return of European nations to the reign of Christ the King. Our ultimate aspiration is the resurrection of Christendom, thereby putting into practice the timeless ideals that have withstood the centuries. 

Civitas activities have been wide and varied. These have included running for local elections (particularly in France where Civitas was made a political party in 2016); demonstrating against immoral, unjust laws and events; protesting against public blasphemy…. 

Many victories have been won along the way, for example, in France, during the covid mandates which closed our churches, Civitas’ judicial combat put an end to the bans; blasphemous concerts have been stopped; in the administrative courts Civitas won the right to be able to include an open-air Mass and the Rosary in events; Civitas organized a symposium on the Vendée genocide at the European Parliament in Brussels…. to name a few, as well as obtaining constant and numerous adult conversions to Catholicism. 

In 2023 Civitas Great Britain was established. The Civitas GB website serves as a precious source of information for the English-speaking world and is an important element in our efforts to revitalise our country’s Catholic foundation. Through articles, conferences, videos, news on current events (scrutinised through the unwavering lens of the Catholic faith) Civitas GB empowers individuals with the tools necessary for comprehensive reflection deeply rooted in the enduring truths of religion, philosophy, politics, history, and ethics. 

Initiatives such as the creation of enlightening brochures and publications and the organisation of thought-provoking conferences will futher help the Catholic formation of minds and hearts. 

Furthermore, Civitas GB will engage in contemporary societal debates, keenly endorsing initiatives to restore Christian values and combat immoral and unjust laws. In doing so, we embody the teachings of revered saints such as our patron saint St Thomas More, who recognised the profound significance of moral integrity in shaping a nation’s destiny. 

To members and friends, Civitas GB sends out regular emails with stimulating articles and current news(subscribe here ). 

Civitas exists in an ever growing number of countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Austria, the Lebanon, Mexico and Great Britain. 2023 also saw the launch of Civitas International which, based in Belgium, regroups the Civitas organisations under one head. Alain Escada is the currently the president of Civitas International. 

If you would like further information about Civitas GB’s work, we invite you to get in touch with us. Together, we can work towards the restoration of values that can shape nations and rekindle a society firmly rooted in Christian principles. Long Live Christ the King!