Restoring the Kingship of Christ in Great Britain

What we are fighting for:

Reaffirm The Catholic identity of The UK

A return to God. Restoring fair, dignified laws based on the common good; supporting Christian families and preserving our wholesome traditions.  

Work for the re-Christianisation of our society and its institutions — the social reign of Jesus Christ. Long live Christ the King!

Build a Pro-Family Society

Support true Christian morality, and rebuild a pro-family, pro-life culture. Re-establish natural laws. A revision of marriage laws and pro-feminist legislation. A ban on abortion. Laws put in place to defend other traditional, moral standards.  “God blesses nations that humbly seek Him.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Protect Our Nation

Strengthen national security, conduct international relations in the light of Christian justice. Amend immigration policy. Take effective action against illegal immigration, and put an end to welfare payments to those in the country illegally. Rebuild a safe and just Catholic Britain.